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ILAS is a European network of lawyers, tax advisers and accountants with the aim to provide a powerful tool and trademark to face the deals of this century with firms in the most important cities of Europe in Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Nederland, Cyprus, Turkey.

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In full knowledge of the fact that relationships between professionals in the different countries of Europe become ever more important, ILAS is constantly seeking for new members who are able to provide a gainful contribution to the aim of ILAS. If you wish your firm to be part of ILAS, your application for membership is more than welcome. Once we have received the form the Board will consider your application with due diligence at the earliest opportunity.

About us

International Legal and Accounting Solutions (ILAS) is a non - profit association registered in Germany and ruled by the Minutes on the foundation and the Statutes of ILAS. Its members are lawyers, tax advisors, consultants and accountants with firms all over Europe and ILAS therefore able to provide their members high professional support in all kind of cross border operation which require the founded national knowledge in whatever issue.

  • Each ILAS member is independent and practises under its own name and benefit. ILAS organizes conferences twice a year in spring and autumn and each member is asked to send at least one delegate in order to improve the cooperation between the members.
  • Those conferences have the aim to provide the possibility to deepen the friendly relationship between the members and exchange ideas and information in order enable each member to provide a comprehensive and efficient consultancy service to his own clients in tax, legal, accounting and consultancy matters.

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1June 2022 - ILAS Zürich Conference

New ILAS conference in Zurich was a great success

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2November 2021 - Successful meeting in Düsseldorf

In April 2022 we will be back with face-to-face events, until then we have held a small face-to-face meeting in Düsseldorf and it was a great success.

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3November 2021 - Meeting in Milan - Italy

On 3 November 2021 we organised an ILAS event in Milan. As planned in the programme, the participants could enjoy a wonderful violin concert and a delicious cocktail before dinner.

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4November 2020 - Virtual Autumn Conference

This year has without doubt been challenging for all of us. Organizing face-to-face events does not yet seem appropriate. But with that has come the opportunity to do things differently! Our first ILAS 2020 Virtual Autumn Conference. on Thursday, 26 November 2020 at 5 p.m. (ECT).

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