November 2021 – Meeting in Düsseldorf

November 2020 – ILAS Virtual Conference
14th December 2020
November 2021 – Meeting in Milan
20th December 2021
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November 2021 – Meeting in Düsseldorf

Successful meeting in Düsseldorf

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As you all know, if there are no other fateful developments due to the COVID pandemic, we will resume face-to-face events next April.
In the meantime, an exceptional meeting has been organised in Düsseldorf, a meeting point for members and professionals involved in our field.

An attractive programme on current topics was put together with five external speakers.
The first half of Saturday was a conference day including Ms. Trittmann's lecture on negotiation skills by a former judge.
The aim was to be able to achieve a meeting where attendees could update and discuss in a comfortable atmosphere.

Düsseldorf is a welcoming city with many historical sights, museums and beautiful parks.
The visit was used as an opportunity to climb the Rhine Tower, the symbol of Düsseldorf, and although the weather was not too good,
it offered one of the best views of the city.

For lunch, a fine meal was enjoyed in an Italian restaurant.
Last but not least, there was time for culture and the attendees enjoyed a visit to the museum, culminating in a pleasant closing dinner.
It was a short meeting in which we enjoyed the monumental and historical richness of the beautiful city and the necessary social gathering between colleagues. 

Thanks to all the attendees for this successful meeting.

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